NADD Conferences

NADD is proud to host two conferences each year, and both are open to the public. Members receive a special admission rate, and group rates are available.

Our conferences provide the rich opportunity to share insights, learn together, and be in community with others dedicated to advocacy and to advancing research, knowledge, and best practices in the IDD/MI dual diagnosis community. The conference content is provided by industry experts and highlights topics that support and value individuals with IDD/MI.

Who Should Attend NADD Conferences?

Administrators • Psychologists • Direct Care Professionals • Physicians • Educators • Residential Providers • Family Members • Social Workers Nurses • Students • Persons with Disabilities • Researchers • Vocational Staff • Psychiatrists • Therapists • Criminal Justice Systems Personnel • Employment Specialists • Case Managers • Client Coordinators  • Behavior Support Specialists

The primary objectives for NADD conferences include:

  • Creating a forum for professional dialogue and community
  • Offering education on established and new IDD/MI diagnostic, clinical, and support approaches
  • Sharing new industry research
  • Enhancing the skills of professionals working with people with complex and challenging behaviors through conference learning
  • Providing a safe forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Offering applicable continuing educational credits for professionals

NADD also co-sponsors a variety of regional, national, and international conferences. 

If you would like NADD’s support for your conference, please call 845-331-4336.