NADD Conference Calendar


NADD sponsors regional, national and international conferences. Additionally NADD co-sponsors conferences, symposia and other training development programs with governmental and private not-for-profit organizations. NADD members are entitled to special conference rates. If you would like NADD to assist you or your organization in training or conference development, contact the NADD office at 800-331-5362.

Conference Objectives:

  • Educating professionals, families and clients of services on standard and state-of-the-art information across many specialties.
  • Enhancing specific skills required to provide maximum benefit to individuals with special or specific cognitive and/or developmental needs.
  • Providing a forum for an exchange of ideas and information among professionals, families and those who may receive services.
  • Satisfying the needs of professionals to be life-long learners by providing current information appropriate to their needs.
  • Assisting all who have an interest in intellectual disability-mental illness to learn specific material at an appropriate training level.

Conference Calendar

Conferences and Programs of interest to NADD members:

March 2016

May/June 2016

  • International Certificate Program in Dual Diagnosis, Summer Institute 2016, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario. “Positive Behaviour Supports Across the Lifespan: Appliations with Children, Adults and Families”  (May 30-June 3, 2016).  “Understanding the Genetics of Common Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities – Implications for Clinical and Support Services with Special Emphasis for Applied Behaviour Analysts” (June 6-10, 2016) – cosponsored by NADD

September 2016

  • NADD:  State of Ohio IDD/MI 14th Annual Conference, Columbus, OH (September 19-20, 2016)

November 2016

  • NADD 33rd Annual Conference & Exhibit Show, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada (November 2-4, 2016)  

September 2017

  • NADD:  State of Ohio IDD/MI 15th Annual Conference, Columbus, OH (September 25-26, 2017) Note: new location DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Columbus – Worthington 

November 2017

  • NADD 34th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show, Charlotte, NC, (November 1-3, 2017)