NADD U.S. Policy Update (from the NADD Bulletin Volume VIII Number 3)

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How to access information with regard to changes in Medicare and Medicaid Policy

Joan B. Beasley, Ph.D.

Tom Kelly, MD, MPH

Chas Moseley, Ed.D


The U.S. Public Policy Committee is focusing its attention in the coming months on changes in Medicare and Medicaid guidelines and potential effects on the ability for individuals with co-occurring intellectual disabilities and mental health needs to receive mental health, primary medical and dental care and other essential services. Since good advocacy begins with an informed constituency, we urge you to check out the websites listed in this update.

The Kaiser Family Foundation released new guides, prepared by Bob Williams and Henry Claypool of Advancing Independence and Jeff Crowley of the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, that explain the role of Medicare and Medicaid for roughly 20 million children, adults and seniors with disabilities.

These guides offer basic introductions to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, including answers to questions such as:

· How do people with disabilities apply for coverage under Medicare or Medicaid?

· What is Medicare's policy for covering durable medical equipment?

· Where can people with disabilities turn if they need help in applying for Medicaid?

· How do people with disabilities appeal Medicare coverage decisions?

· Can a person with a disability who has Medicare and/or Medicaid be employed and still keep their coverage?

The guides are available in PDF and HTML formats at:>

Here are a few websites on both Medicare and Medicare Part D:

* Families USA

* Health leaders

* CMS Information on Medicare Part D

* Kaiser Basic Information on Medicare:

* Kaiser tutorials on the subject can be found at:

Another organization worth reviewing is AAHD: American Association on Health and Disability at .

In future NADD Bulletins and conferences we will continue to share information about this important issue. We welcome your ideas and information with us by contacting Dr. Joan Beasley, Chair US Public Policy Committee at .