NADD 2018 35th Annual Conference – Presenter Preparation

Information for:  NADD Conference Pre-con, Breakfast Consultation & Primary Presenters :


Please note: It is expected that “final” handouts are still made available for conference attendees. Less and less and we are moving it on-line and to have the availability to before the conference.  It is the responsibility of the primary presenter to provide the handouts.  If you would like your presentation posted on our website or other shared platform, please provide a master copy by October 22, 2018.  (If you are Pre-Con/ Plenary Presenters– Lisa will print them if supplied by October 22)

Session Registration counts will be emailed 1-2 weeks prior to conference.   Handouts can be E-mailed in MS word or Power Point format to Lisa Christie, NADD Conference Planner at

NOTE:   Volunteers are scheduled in the all breakouts for distributing Presenter handouts and to do, if wished speaker introductions.  At this time paper handouts are still preferred by most attendants. 


NADD made arrangements to provide the following equipment as indicated on your submission forms earlier this year:  For instance:  LCD Projectors, Flip Charts with Markers, etc., Audio/ Video capability (NADD will have screens and LCDs in indicated meeting rooms).

*At this time: NADD does not provide laptop computers, presenters are required to bring their own computers, LCD Projectors and screens will be provided.

NOTE:  In order for some computers to run with the LCD’s.   Note:  Mac computers would need Dongle Adapters that may be specific to your particular Mac computer which goes for IPADS w/ adapter as well.

Also, if your presentation requires Audio Feed/Internet for video clips, please email me directly if you haven’t already indicated on the submission.  There is complimentary wireless internet in the meeting space.

If the AV equipment that you selected prior to, has changed or is not needed, please contact Lisa at


REGISTRATION:   Please register as a Presenter.   As a Primary  presenter please make sure your co-presenters are registered for the conference.  If you have not already registered please continue.  Presenter registration information can still be done on-line (with cc) and faxed in at this time, 845-331-4569.  On-site, please go to the NADD registration table to receive name badges and room assignments.


Pre-registration is open til October 22nd.    Walk-In registration will be available but may be limited.


Room assignments are subject to change; Sessions are known to close, the latest conference updates will be given out at registration check-in

Please remember your presentations and your computers : ) !

LASTLY, please SHARE the conference information with your peers, followers, and on your websites, it all helps!   Put the NADD 35th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show in your Fall Forecast now…

See you all soon!  Thanks for Presenting!  Conference updates can be found here:


Handouts, questions, comments, and concerns please email Lisa Christie directly at

Lisa Christie – NADD Conference Director | | facebook