Ohio Registration 2018

On-Line Registration only is Now Available!

Click here for online registration 

Click here to download the brochure

Register 3 Ways:

  1. On-line (Preferred Method) Debit and Credit Cards are the only accepted payment methods available on-line: Mastercard, VISA, and Discover NOTE: The database system recognizes your email address and password. If you are associated with NADD (ex. Attended another NADD event, purchased a product or membership, etc.) but do not think you’ve been in the NADD store. Your name may be in the database system, the password to try is “password1”, if that works, you will then be forced to change to your own personal password. Please keep passwords handy for the next time you visit!
  2. Mail Download the brochure and mail in the registration form and submit payment to:
    132 Fair Street
    Kingston, NY 12561
  3. Fax 845-331-4569 – Download the brochure and fax in the registration form with credit card information.

PRE-REGISTRATION will be available on-line until September 18, 2018