NADD Webinar Series SPRING 2018

The SPRING NADD Webinar Series

Begins May 2018!

These Webinars feature Curriculum on NADD Certification Competencies

In 2018, NADD is presenting a series of webinars intended to help people prepare for applying for NADD certification and build overall workforce capacity to support individuals with IDD/MI.  The webinars focus on the competency areas identified in each of the NADD certification areas.  In addition to people interested in NADD certification, these trainings can also be taken by anyone who wants to learn about or brush up on a particular topic.  A learner may sign up for a single webinar or for as many as he or she wishes to take.

In the Fall, a series of six webinars were offered on the Dual Diagnosis Specialist Certification competencies.   Now, this Spring we are offering The NADD Competency-Based Direct-Support Professional (DSP) Certifications.

Tony Thomas – Assessment & Observation

Melissa Cheplic – Behavior Support

Melissa Cheplic – Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Astrid Berry – Health and Wellness

Gwendolyn Barnhart- Community Collaboration and Teamwork


NADD Individual Webinars

NADD Members – $45

Non-members – $55


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For the Series with discount, choose:  SERIES Session – 5 Sessions of NADD DSP Certification for below pricing.

NADD Members – that’s $24 each or 5/$120

Non-members – that’s $44 each or 5/$220

Webinar registration is open to participants all.  Though, NADD members can register at a significant discount.

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 1)  MAY 3, 2018  3 PM EST

Competency –  Assessment & Observation

Tony Thomas, ACSW, Welcome House, Inc., Westlake, OH

Accurate assessment and observation helps to identify physical or mental health problems, environmental triggers to behaviors or moods, and other key information essential to support planning for people with IDD/MI. This webinar will highlight the role of the Direct Support Professional as a valuable observer, and review tools for documentation and communication of assessment information.


2) MAY 8, 2018   3 PM EST

Competency –  Behavior Support

Melissa Cheplic, MPH, The Boggs Center, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ

Many people with IDD/MI engage in behavior that is disruptive, dangerous, or difficult. The Direct Support Professional is in a unique position to use behavior support to increase the person’s quality of life by recognizing and addressing underlying mental health conditions, discomfort, and medication side effects. The causes and functions of challenging behavior, as well as strategies and skills to support positive behavior will be discussed.


3)  MAY 15, 2018  3 PM EST 

Competency – Crisis Prevention and Intervention

 Melissa Cheplic, MPH, The Boggs Center, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ

Crisis prevention includes methods that are intended to keep people from experiencing harmful events. Crisis intervention refers to strategies used once signs of crisis are already present. This session will help direct support professionals recognize how most crises can be prevented or interrupted by identifying potential catalysts to a crisis, including knowing symptoms and behavior triggers. This webinar will focus on specific interventions for managing stress and burnout in people with IDD/MI and staff.


4)  MAY 22, 2018  3 PM EST 

Competency – Health and Wellness

 Astrid Berry, NHS Human Services, Harrisburg, PA

People with an IDD/MI diagnosis are at risk for more health and wellness problems than people without. They often take many medications and have barriers in communication that affect their ability to plan or organize information. These issues can make it more difficult for the person to take an active role in his/her health. This webinar will review the implications and risk factors of co-occurring disorders as well as the role of the Direct Support Professional in supporting treatment, communication, medication management, wellness, and recovery. 


5) MAY 30, 2018 3 PM EST 

Competency – Community Collaboration and Teamwork

 Gwendolyn Barnhart, PhD, Lakebay, WA

 A significant barrier to effective services for all people with IDD/MI is the segregation and separation of systems. The Direct Support Professional has a critical role in helping the person navigate these system issues and connecting the individual to appropriate resources in the community. This lesson will explore how knowledge and advocacy can address barriers to services by placing individuals at the center of his or plan and decisions.  

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