NADD Accreditation – Testimonial

Our NADD program accreditation was an invaluable experience. Not only did it help us assess and monitor team performance, but we now have solid, ongoing processes that ensure we are consistently following industry best practices for helping those most in need. It is truly wonderful to have the stamp of approval from such a well-respected organization like NADD. It brings peace of mind to know we are continuing to grow, be the best we can be, and advance the important work we do every day in the most ethical and effective ways. We can proudly say what we’ve achieved, and assure our staff, clients and families that we are indeed on the cutting edge of the profession. We won’t rest on our laurels either….accreditation ensures we continue our work to maintain quality services by diligent and ongoing monitoring, self-assessment and review from the NADD team.

We are very proud of our NADD program accreditation – it’s a professional “thumbs up” that carries with it an important responsibility and honor. We will keep the bar high, and keep striving to serve our clients with the quality, dignity and respect they deserve.

Bob Coles, Jr. LCSW
Regional Vice President
 Meridian Health Services