Towards the Prevention of Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders in People with Intellectual Disabilities

Robert Fletcher, NADD CEO & Founder, is a co-author of an article, “Towards the Prevention of Behavioural and Psychiatric Disorders in People with Intellectual Disabilities,” published by the Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities.  The paper promotes a public health prevention model and maps out opportunities for intervention at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  The other co-authors are David Allen, Paul Langthorne, Bruce Tonge, Eric Emerson, Peter McGill, Anton Dosen, and Craig Kennedy.

The paper presents an alternative strategy to the current prevailing “diagnose and treat” strategy.  The paper proposes the reduction in the incidence of behavioral and psychiatric disorders through the use of primary and secondary prevention strategies, potentially reducing the overall cost incurred by challenging behavior over the lifespan and freeing up resources for better-quality tertiary prevention for those who continue to present with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. “Central to this proposal is a greater integration of issues for people with intellectual disabilities within much broader policy and research agendas.”

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