Wall Street Journal Features Dual Diagnosis Problems

On January 15, the Wall Street Journal featured an article that dramatizes the plight of individuals with intellectual/developmental disability and severe mental illness.  Beginning with the California case of a 49 year-old woman, Deborah Clark, who has schizophrenia and an IQ of 63 whose actions, in response to a voice that she heard, resulted in the death of her parents, the article presents a fairly thorough exposition of the difficulties individuals with a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI) face.  The article, entitled “Splintered System Often Fails Mentally Ill with Low IQs,” appears on the first page of the Wall Street Journal.

Robert Fletcher, Founder and CEO of NADD, together with several members of the NADD Board of Directors, are quoted in the article.

“For most of her life, Ms. Clark bounced around a fragmented treatment and support system that left her and family members who tried to help mostly on their own,” notes the article.

In a subsequent article, the Wall Street Journal reported that a state court judge had ruled that Ms. Clark is competent to stand trial on arson and murder charges.