The Fall Health and Wellness Webinar Series

NADD is thrilled to offer five webinars from experts across various disciplines in the mental health field. 

Webinars will take place on Wednesdays in the months of November and December.

Individual Sessions: $55 each

Registration open to all

Webinars Will Address These Vital Topics:


Healthy Aging with Disabilities: Cognitive, Psychological & Social Considerations – Nov 4, 2020 (2-3pm EST)

During this one-hour webinar, the presenter will invite participants to consider lessons learned from the Healthy Brain Initiative regarding everyday health promoting activities which can benefit  individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and those who support them. We will explore what is known about advancing good physical health, lessening the impact of chronic illness, providing buffers to cognitive decline and promoting healthful lifestyle choices. How can we and the people whom we support age into wellness?

Lucille Esralew, PhD, NADD-CC, Senior Psychologist, Office of Statewide Clinical Services, CA Department of Developmental Services


Health, Wellness and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder – Nov 18, 2020 (2-3pm EST)

This one-hour webinar will discuss Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, its effects on physical and behavioral health. Positive Strategies and Interventions will also be identified that have been successful in supporting people with FASD across the lifespan.

Robin VanEerden, MS, NCC, LPC, NADD-CC, Clinical Director, Central Region Office of Developmental Disabilities, Merake


Secondary Stress and Resilience of Care Providers – Dec 2, 2020 (2-3pm EST)

In this one-hour presentation, various forms of secondary stress will be presented, such as compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma.  The prevalence and impact of secondary stress will be considered, as well as its converse, compassion satisfaction, especially as they relate to job satisfaction and quality of life.  A three tiered model of therapist/caretaker resilience will be presented, containing components of physical, psychological and spiritual resilience.  Attendees will be given practical tools that they can use to assess their level of secondary stress, and tools to develop a practical, yet powerful, career-long resilience plan. 

Brian Tallant, LPC, NADD-CC, Program Director, Aurora Mental Health Center, Aurora, Colorado


Enriching Daily Life Through the Lens of Social Therapy – Dec 9, 2020 (2-3pm EST)

At long last there is a broadening recognition of the role biographical experiences, including trauma and loss, and other mental health issues in people who have been challenging to support. Much attention has been given to clinical interventions helping people achieve greater mental health, heal from trauma, and reduce challenging behaviors.  While the work of these clinicians is very important, the role of the families, friends, direct care professionals and other supporters have even greater importance. The recognition of the healing nature of a healthy and fulfilling life is burgeoning. However this knowledge and array of practices is often unavailable to the people we strive to support.  In this one-hour presentation we will look at the importance of developing supporters into social therapists, where through healing relationships, exploring creative approaches, enriching daily experiences, maximizing healthy alternatives, and developing a repertoire of on-the-spot interventions, they can help build trust, improve health and well-being, and build more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

Beth Barol, PhD, LSW, NADD-CC Associate Professor, Widener University Center for Social Work Education, Associate Director, Clinical Services for Vulnerable Adults, Co-Director, Capacity Building Institute, Pennsylvania


Wellness as an Organizing Principle for Supports – Dec 16, 2020 (3-4pm EST)

The final one-hour session of this webinar series will serve as a wrap-up for the series, summarizing topics and themes across the different sessions. In the disability world, different types of support often have targeted outcomes which may fit together poorly. This webinar will present wellness as an organizing principal for disability supports, embracing many philosophies and bringing those strategies together into a unified framework and goal for support. If you ever wonder what we are really trying to do in this field, this session might offer some answers.

Dan Baker, PhD, NADD-CC, CCEP, Positive Supports Compliance Specialist, Internal Reviewer, Clinical Supervisor, Successful Life Project, Quality Assurance and Disability Compliance Services, Minnesota Department of Human Services

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