MCO Provides Training in Dual Diagnosis Using NADD Train-the-Trainer Model

A US Public Policy Update article published in the NADD Bulletin discusses clinicians at VayaHealth, a managed care organization in North Carolina, identifying a concern regarding lack of mental health diagnoses for individuals with IDD and the lack of current, valid assessments and/or interventions that address mental health disorders.  Among the interventions that resulted was the creation of a Professional Learning Community of 40 people trained by Dr. Robert Fletcher, Founder and CEO of NADD, using the train-the-trainer model from the book Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability.  The original 40 trained members of the Professional Learning Community have now trained 400 more and intend to reach their goal of having a total of 700 trained by producing webinars on the topics.  Click here to read the article.