Relationship Between NADD and Managed Care Organizations


The relationship between managed care organizations (MCOs) and NADD involves a multi-tiered project that includes training, certification and accreditation.  This process, outlined below, results in improved quality of life for individuals diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental disorders (IDD/MI). This outcome occurs due to availability of needed and cost-efficient services, and staff attaining increased knowledge and competency.  This outcome results in cost savings to the MCO based upon the provision of quality services.


NADD provides a comprehensive training program, using a train-the-trainer model for MCO staff and provider networks.  A variety of state-of-the-art clinical practices are covered through 10 training modules.  Provided materials include a train-the-trainer textbook and workbook that are electronically available.


NADD offers three competency based certification programs Including:  1) Clinical Certification, 2) Direct Support Professional Certification and 3) Specialist Certification for case managers, service coordinators, supervisors, managers, residential and vocational staff, and others identified by the MCO.


Programs which provide services for individuals with IDD/MI are eligible to apply for NADD Accreditation.   NADD accredited programs are found to provide quality services as measured by NADD’s accreditation standards.

Benefits and Outcomes:

Providers who complete the train-the-trainer training program attain a higher level of knowledge and, in conjunction with attained skills and provided training tools  train other staff on addressing the  mental health characteristics of persons with IDD.

Providers who complete the NADD Competency-Based Certification Program demonstrate a high level of competency in carrying out position expectations.

Programs that receive NADD accreditation demonstrate provided treatments and supports maintain high quality services measured by the NADD standards.

Due to NADD trainings, certifications, and accreditation, participating organizations/providers experience improved outcomes.  Additionally, the outcomes result in reductions in hospitalizations, in hospital length of stay, in emergency room use, and in the need for crisis intervention services.  These outcomes significantly reduce MCO costs.

NADD Costs:

NADD trainings – $4,000 per day plus expenses.

NADD Competency-Based Certification Program application fee:

Clinical $375
DSP $60
Dual Diagnosis Specialist $275

Accreditation Fee $500
Program Survey – $2,000 per surveyor/day

For Further Information:

For each certification program and for the accreditation program, an executive summary and a complete program manual are available online.

Inquiries can be made to:

Dr. Robert Fletcher, Founder & CEO
132 Fair Street
Kingston, NY 12401
Phone:  (845) 331-4336