Trauma-Informed Toolkit

People with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) are at significantly more risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other forms of abuse and neglect than is the general population. This toolkit, by Steven Marcal, Psy.D., and Shawn Trifoso, LMSW, addresses a number of areas designed to support people with IDD who may have experienced trauma.

Chapter 1 offers information and a guide for direct support professionals and others, with many exercises designed to enhance wellness and resiliency.

Chapter 2 provides background information as to the problem of ACEs and the evidence that the problem is magnified in the field of IDD.

Chapter 3 provides guidance for trauma informed behavioral planning. functional behavioral analysis for people with a trauma history requires special understanding.

Chapter 4 is offers direction for thinking about personal and agency solutions for administrators, quality assurance staff, and interested others.

Click here to download the toolkit.