Statement on Social Justice for All from NADD CEO

Statement on Social Justice for All from NADD CEO

We stand together, unwaveringly and hand-in-hand with:

– Every single person engaged in peaceful protests, respectfully fighting for the social equity of people of color and for those who are discriminated against because of some perceived difference.

– Every single person who is the victim of the pervasive, systemic and abhorrent racism that pollutes and permeates our society.

Let this time of immense unrest be the call to action that actually produces results.

May each one of us, across all aspects of our lives, stand firm against racism and all forms of oppression. Each one of us must speak out when we witness any act of mistreatment.

We have allowed the divisive forces at play to undermine our very humanity.

May we all be guided by love and empathy and a shared commitment to social equity and inclusion for all.

We are all connected. We are interdependent.

May each one of us, everyone we know and everyone they know… be the force for change desperately needed right now in this country and around the world. Let us build bridges across our divisions and hold firm in our collective strength and unity.

Let our collective action, our love and our light prevail.

Jeanne Farr, CEO