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Assessment of Medical Conditions

Julie Gentile, MD, NADD-CC

Medical conditions in patients with intellectual disabilities are often complicated and involve behavioral presentations. It is common for individuals to present to mental health professionals with undiagnosed medical conditions, making it vital that the clinician be aware of the most common conditions and be able to make referrals as appropriate. This course examines and addresses these issues.

Clinical Assessment

Deceil Moore, LCSW, NADD-CC

This course reviews core concepts and competencies necessary to complete best practice behavioral health assessments of persons with IDD and how these apply to the process of applying for and achieving NADD-CC certification. Emphasis is placed on necessary information and how best to gather it.

Positive Behavior Supports and Effective Environments

Daniel Baker, PhD, NADD-CC

This course highlights the considerations of clinical certification in the areas of positive behavior supports and creating effective environments. The components of a positive behavioral support approach are articulated. Considerations for functional behavioral assessments are included. Implications for intervention and features of a comprehensive treatment plan are addressed.

Psychotherapy/Other Therapeutic Interventions

Tim Barksdale, PsyD, NADD-CC

The ability of psychotherapy to address mental illness in people with intellectual disability is frequently overlooked because of reasons that include diagnostic overshadowing, over reliance on behavior interventions and discrimination. A demonstrated knowledge of the use and value of psychotherapy for treating people with intellectual disabilities and co-occurring mental Illness is one of the five competencies needed to receive the NADD clinical certification. This course reviews all requirements and steps needed to achieve this certification, and reviews the knowledge base and resources available for psychotherapy.


Mark Fleisher, MD, FAPA, NADD-CC

This course presents psychopharmacologic concepts from a clinical perspective through the lifespan from approximately early school age to the aging adult. The discussion focuses on principles of care using medications as a primary or adjunctive treatment to disorders or problem behaviors in the target population.