Individual Sessions: $55 each

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Webinars Will Address These Vital Topics:

Multimodal Bio-Psycho-Social Approach                                                                          February 3, 2021  (2-3 PM EST)

This one-hour webinar will be presented by Dr. Uzama Price and will focus on the Multimodal Bio-Psycho-Social Approach, including:

  • Familiarity with the bio-psycho-social/multi-modal approach

  • Incorporating recovery and resiliency to develop a service plan

  • Identifying the inter-relationships among a person’s biological, social, and psychological domains

  • Understanding the holistic approach

  • Formulating information to enable delivery of accurate/relevant medical, psychological, psychiatric, behavioral information to other Specialists or caregivers/supporters

  • Appreciating the environmental, contextual, and individual learning styles

  • Utilizing this model to guide all service/treatment planning

Administrative Critical Thinking                                                                                            February 10, 2021  (2-3 PM EST)           

Dr. Uzama Price will present this one-hour webinar focusing on Administrative Critical Thinking, including:   

  • Why it is important for staff and families to understand the multi-modal approach

  • Understanding training needs for DSPs/teams/families to implement treatment/support plans

  • Assessing and resourcing effective strategies in meeting a person’s wants and needs

  • Recognizing that behavior plans may be too complicated to be implemented

  • Identifying when a plan may not meet the needs of the person

Psychopharmacology                                                                                                                         February 17, 2021  (2-3pm EST)

In this one-hour webinar Dr. Kimberly Katruska will discuss Psychopharmacology including:

  • Importance of a thorough past and current medical history

  • Drug efficacy monitoring

  • Side effects assessment

  • Creating an action plan for dealing with adverse medication side effects

  • Psychotropic medication review and management

  • Lifespan in relation to the use of psychopharmacological intervention

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