Consultation and Training Services

NADD provides consultation and training services internationally: to individuals, organizations, or government agencies on a wide variety of topics concerning mental health and wellness for people with intellectual disabilities.  

NADD has been the leading authority in consultative and training services on these topics for close to 40 years.  Consultations and trainings are provided by subject matter experts and focus on research-backed practices and information. 

NADD works directly with the organization or professional seeking consultation or training to develop a solution that meets their specific needs and goals. The consultation and trainings may be singular or ongoing. A popular choice in many organizations is the NADD Train-the-Trainer model we developed to assist organizations in developing master trainers of the subject matter being trained.

Training topics include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Dual Diagnosis Core Competency Training for DSPs, Dual Diagnosis Specialists, and Clinicians
  • Diagnostic practices for persons with intellectual disabilities and mental health conditions
  • Risk Assessments, prevention, and treatment for offenders
  • Sexual education – inclusive of abuse prevention, sexual disorders, inappropriate behaviors, and vulnerabilities
  • Administrative & Systems issues – program design, evaluation measures, interagency collaboration, and collective impact design
  • Psychopharmacology
  • IDD-MI Basics
  • Common cooccurring diagnoses including common psychiatric, medical, and genetic disorders
  • Trauma Informed Practices

Because our understanding of people with intellectual disabilities and co-occurring mental health conditions evolves at a rapid pace, having intermittent or ongoing trainings and consultation with NADD experts can help professionals stay abreast of the most current information available. 

NADD experts stay informed of ongoing research so that they can provide you with up-to-date information and research and support you in applying current practices on your own professional work or organization.  

For more information on NADD’s consultation and training services, contact Jeanne M. Farr, MA