The NADD Accreditation and Certification Programs

Developed in association with The National Association of State
Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS)

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and mental illness (MI) have complex needs and present clinical challenges to the professionals, programs, and systems that provide care to these individuals.

In an effort to raise the level of care, as well as to provide recognition to those programs and professionals offering quality care, NADD, in association with NASDDDS, has introduced four interrelated programs: 

       For agencies and programs that provide services to individuals with IDD/MI

        For Direct Support Professionals who provide care to individuals with IDD/MI

        For professionals who deliver, manage, train, and/or supervise services for persons with IDD/MI

        For clinicians who provide services to individuals with IDD/MI

Trainings in Certification Competencies

NADD has developed a comprehensive series of trainings that focus on the Core Competency areas identified in each of our Certification Programs.  NADD is pleased to tailor live in-person or virtual trainings to the needs of a particular group or organization. 

These trainings are useful to anyone interested in learning more about a particular topic, and to individuals who are preparing to apply for a NADD Certification. 

Previously recorded webinars concerning Clinical,  Specialist and Direct Support Professional Certification competencies are offered as digital downloads. 

For more information or to purchase these digital downloads, Click Here.

NADD is also pleased to offer live in-person or virtual trainings tailored to the specific needs of a group or organization. If you are interested in coordinating NADD training for your group or organization, please contact NADD’s CEO, Jeanne Farr.


NADD Membership Requirement

Organizations seeking accreditation and individuals seeking certification must have NADD membership in order to qualify.

Individuals who work for an organization that has a NADD organizational membership are considered members for this requirement. 

Be sure to indicate the name of the Member Organization on your application.

NADD IDD/MI Dual Diagnosis Accreditation and Certification Program Testimonials

The NADD Accreditation/Certification Program is an important tool for state agencies, DD and MH, that are interested in expanding their community infrastructure to support people with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.…NCI data have consistently documented over the years that approximately 32% of all people receiving DD services have a mental illness. The NADD Accreditation/Certification Program offers an important tool to states and providers interested in improving their efforts to serve this group of individuals.

Charles Moseley EdD
Associate Executive Director

In our quest to provide the greatest value and services for the clients we serve at the Robert M. Greer Center, their  families, Oklahoma taxpayers, and the state, Liberty of Oklahoma Corporation follows some of the most stringent national accreditation standards that are the most applicable to our clients. 

As a residential treatment program exclusively for adults diagnosed as intellectually disabled and mentally ill, Liberty of Oklahoma has long been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

But when NADD made its accreditation program available last November, we realized that objective evidence of compliance with those additional standards would be ideally suited to attest to the appropriateness and efficacy of Liberty’s clinical and related practices for our highly specialized client population.   And, in fact, our NADD survey last February produced a number of helpful recommendations for strengthening our program.  We’re glad we decided to also go for NADD accreditation, and intend to maintain both.

Hugh M. Sage, PhD
Executive Director
Liberty of Oklahoma Corporation/
Robert M. Greer Center
Enid, OK  

In February of 2015, Fayette Resources Inc. successfully completed an accreditation through the National Association of Dual Diagnosis (NADD) for our Residential Services and Behavioral Consultation Services.  The NADD accreditation experience was both timely and educational for our agency.  The NADD surveyors were clearly experts in the field of Intellectual Disabilities and made our team feel very comfortable throughout the process.   The NADD team provided us with recommendations and tools to expand and create excellent service and supports.   The NADD accreditation provided insight on our current practices and assistance with the development of our future agency goals. 

Fayette Resources Inc. is now recognized in the provider community as a leader in providing quality services.   The NADD seal of approval has had clear benefits for our agency with an increase in referrals as well as a sense of accomplishment and job well done throughout the agency. 

I would recommend accreditation through NADD for any service provider that is seeking to provide evidence based and best practices services and supports.   We are all very excited about this recent accomplishment.

Kelly Knarr
Fayette Resources Inc.
Regional Director/Director of Training and Development
Lemont Furnace, PA

Our NADD program accreditation was an invaluable experience. Not only did it help us assess and monitor team performance, but we now have solid, ongoing processes that ensure we are consistently following industry best practices for helping those most in need. It is truly wonderful to have the stamp of approval from such a well-respected organization like NADD. It brings peace of mind to know we are continuing to grow, be the best we can be, and advance the important work we do every day in the most ethical and effective ways. We can proudly say what we’ve achieved, and assure our staff, clients and families that we are indeed on the cutting edge of the profession. We won’t rest on our laurels either….accreditation ensures we continue our work to maintain quality services by diligent and ongoing monitoring, self-assessment and review from the NADD team.

We are very proud of our NADD program accreditation – it’s a professional “thumbs up” that carries with it an important responsibility and honor. We will keep the bar high, and keep striving to serve our clients with the quality, dignity and respect they deserve.

Bob Coles, Jr. LCSW
Regional Vice President
Meridian Health Services

The NADD competency-based clinical certification has provided me with an avenue to verify a dual diagnosis specialty.  My ability to provide clinical supports to individuals supported both by medical assistance and private insurances has been expanded by allowing me to gain access to closed insurance networks.  These networks had been closed to me prior to receiving this certification, allowing this population to remain largely unserved outside of community mental health centers.”

Alyse Kerr, MS, NCC, LPC, NADD-CC

I have provided clinical and residential services to people with intellectual disabilities for over 20 years.  Since receiving my NADD-CC,  I find that 4 years later, I continue to  receive a substantial increase in calls from parents and case managers in search of therapeutic services for people with intellectual disability and co-occurring mental illness. These professionals and family members report that through looking up my NADD credential it helps confirms  that I provide the services that they need.  I am currently looking to follow the trend in developing a mandate that all clinicians that I supervise obtain the NADD Clinical certification as a demonstration of excellence and quality in these specialized services.

Tim Barksdale PsyD, NADD-CC
Director of Clinical & Behavioral Services
Horizon House Inc.
Philadelphia PA

The NADD Competency-Based Clinical Certification Program has been an invaluable tool for networking with other professionals in the field of dual diagnoses. As one of the few individuals with the NADD-CC credential on the west coast, it has been helpful having a connection of competent colleagues to contact for brainstorming and discussion. This networking system has also helped provide insight on some of my current practices and well as provided me with new ideas and innovations, which will hopefully streamline our abilities to improve services for individuals with dual diagnoses.  I believe having this clinical certification sets a standard that allows me to increase my professional skills and how services are provided, ultimately resulting in a better quality of life to individuals receiving services.  It is my hope to be a leader to help improve the quality and effectiveness of services.

Jennifer Maenaka Drake, MS, NADD-CC

NADD clinical certification provides a valuable means of identifying to clients, government and human service agencies, and colleagues that I maintain specific competencies and skills in dual diagnosis. The process of obtaining certification was rigorous, thorough and collegial, as well as a valuable opportunity to reflect upon and consolidate my knowledge and experience in working with clients with intellectual disabilities and mental health challenges. NADD clinical certification has the added benefit of promoting awareness of IDD/MH dual diagnosis among colleagues and the public. When inquiries are made about the NADD-CC credential, opportunities arise for dialogue about dual diagnosis, and how clinical specialization enhances care and services for individuals whose needs have often been marginalized and not well understood by mental health providers.

Jerrold C. Edelberg, PhD, NADD-CC

Overall [the process of applying for Dual Diagnosis Specialist Certification] was a very good experience in two ways. The first was the opportunity it gave me to connect with my references and discuss my work with them in a way that I had not done before. This was particularly true with the family reference – as most of our conversations in the past had understandably been oriented toward their situation and broader issues. They were delighted to be able to have the opportunity to support my professional development. The writing of the work sample required me to also think in a different way (e.g., about communication, programmatic, and inter-system issues) as they applied to a particular area. This provided me with a fresh perspective on work that I had been doing for a number of years. While the time that such endeavors require is always hard to set aside, I feel quite proud of this accomplishment.

Susan Morris, MSW, RSW, NADD-DDS


To have my training and work validated when I passed the test was very rewarding.  To explain to other what my letters (NADD-DSP) meant and why I got them let others know that there are people out there who are dedicated to working with this population so much that they are wanting and willing to go through a process like this in order to provide the best care possible.  When they heard what it was all about, they were so appreciative that people actually want to provide good quality services to this population of people.  That kind of feedback helped to strengthen my belief and pride in what we do.

Erin Paul, NADD-DSP
Meridian Services Corp.
Richmond, Indiana

The NADD-DSP certification has allowed me to validate my dedication to provide the best service possible.  Clients, families, and community partners are so grateful to learn about the process and know I am committed to upholding professional standards.

Mischa B. Staton, NADD-DSP
Operations Coordinator
Meridian Health Services
Muncie, IN

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