37th Annual NADD Conference and Exhibit Show

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NADD is first and foremost committed to the health and safety of our extended community, and in keeping with these values we have decided to transition our 37th Annual NADD Conference and Exhibit Show into a digital event. While we would much prefer to be physically together, these times are such that we must err on the side of caution and safety.

We are excited about the opportunities for learning and community that a virtual conference platform will afford us, and we are transforming our program and processes to ensure this year’s conference encompasses all the robust and engaging content NADD is known for.

Who Should Attend?

  • Administrators

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists 

  • Direct Support Professionals

  • Physicians

  • Educators

  • Individuals with IDD

  • Individuals with Mental Health Needs
  • Family Members

  • Residential Providers

  • Social Workers

  • Students

  • Therapists

  • Criminal Justice Systems Personnel

  • Behavioral Specialists/Analysts

  • Employment Specialists

  • Case Managers

  • Client Coordinators

We’re Proud to Announce Our First 2020 Keynote!

Dr. Joseph Shrand

Dr. Joseph Shrand is Medical Director of Road to Responsibility, headquartered in Marshfield, MA, and Chief Medical Officer of Riverside Community Care, headquartered in Dedham, MA. He has been a Lecturer of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, an Adjunct Faculty of Boston’s Children’s Hospital, and is Triple Board Certified in adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry as well as a diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Among colleagues and staff he is affectionately called “Doctor Joe,” as he was “Joe” in the original children’s cast of the PBS series Zoom.

Dr. Shrand has developed the I-M Approach, a psychological model suggesting a fundamental paradigm shift toward a view of people as exhibiting a current maximum potential at all times. He is also the Founder of Drug Story Theater, Inc., a nonprofit organization teaching improvisational theater techniques to teenagers in the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol, whose performances transform individual recovery into collective prevention.

Dr. Shrand’s books include Manage Your Stress: Overcoming Stress in the Modern World; Outsmarting Anger: Seven Strategies to Defuse Our Most Dangerous Emotion; The Fear Reflex: Five Ways to Overcome It and Trust Your Imperfect Self; and Do You Really Get Me? Finding Value In Yourself Through Empathy and Connection. His weekly radio show, The Dr. Joe Show: Exploring Who We Are and Why We Do What We Do, covers a range of issues in addiction and mental health through discussions with experts and is accessible on WATD 95.9 FM and as a podcast.

Submit a Presentation Proposal

We invite you to submit a proposal for a LIVE VIRTUAL 60-minute Skill Building Workshop, 60-minute Research Symposium, or Poster Session.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: August 7, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)

We are currently accepting proposals on the following IDD/MI topics:

  • Diagnosis & Assessment (ASD, Anxiety)
  • Ethics
  • Life Span Issues (Early Intervention, Adolescence, Adults & Aging)
  • Family & Caregiver Issues
  • Workforce Development (Direct Support Professionals, Training)
  • Gender Identity & Sexuality
  • Research
  • Technology Innovations
  • Systems Collaboration (Policy Initiatives, Program Models, Funding Innovation, Criminal Justice)
  • Transition (Community Living, Employment, Higher Education)
  • Treatment (Counseling & Therapeutic Approaches, Trauma Informed Care, Behavior Support, Psychopharmacological Approaches, Substance Use Disorder, Crisis Intervention)
  • Other Topics Related to IDD/MI

Important Information

Carefully review our Presentation Proposal Checklist and our Presenter Qualifications and Guidance before starting the abstract submission process. This guidance will help you prepare all the information you need to gather before submitting.

All Presenters will be able to attend the full conference free of charge.

Please note: all proposals will be considered, but only a limited number can be selected.

Notifications will me made in August, 2020.

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: August 7, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)

To begin your submission for a LIVE VIRTUAL presentation, click the links below to review our guidance and submit your proposal.