Our Publications

NADD prides itself on being the leader in the dissemination of up to date and contemporary information in the area of intellectual and developmental disabilities with cooccurring mental health conditions.  

NADD has several publications to meet the needs of learners of all abilities and involvement levels. Our current publications are listed below – click on the links for more information.

Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities (JMHRID)

The JMHRID is the official research journal of NADD, and publishes scientific and scholarly research related to mental health and wellness for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Entries include research topics of IDD, neurodevelopmental disorders, ASD, challenging behaviors including criminal offenses, substance use, and genetic variances.

NADD Press 

NADD Press is the single largest publisher of publications about people experiencing the IDD/MI dual diagnosis.  NADD Press offers books, audio recordings, videos, webinars, and training materials.  NADD Press makes specialized publications accessible to the community at large and is an immense resource for all major topics associated with people with intellectual disabilities experiencing mental health conditions.

NADD eNewsletter

The NADD eNewsletter provides a biweekly update about NADD activities and news in the world of disability services and mental health. It is available for free, and informs more than 15,000 people on news and information about IDD/MH issues.