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NADD Press is the single largest publisher of publications about people experiencing the IDD/MI dual diagnosis.  NADD Press offers books, audio recordings, videos, webinars, and training materials.  NADD Press makes specialized publications accessible to the community at large and is an immense resource for all major topics associated with people with intellectual disabilities experiencing mental health conditions.

Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Administration/Systems – funding streams, organization development, etc
  • Aging – how people with dual diagnosis experience the aging process, illnesses associated with specific diagnoses, caregiving for people with dual diagnosis of advanced age, age-related diagnoses, etc.
  • Counseling & Therapy – evidenced-based practices for providing therapy and counseling to individuals with IDD, necessary accommodations
  • Diagnosis & Assessments – recognition and evaluation for psychiatric conditions for people with IDD
  • Psychopharmacology – what medications are used for, side effects, psychotropic medications and IDD, etc
  • Environmental Health – effects of environmental factors on development (i.e. environmental toxins)
  • Family Issues – interpersonal relationships, family dynamics, stressors, etc.
  • Offenders – criminal behavior for people with dual diagnosis
  • Program Models
  • Research
  • Residential Services – independent living skills development, resident rights, etc
  • Social & Sexual Issues – developing deeper relationships, safe sex, consent, etc.
  • Staff Training – training for all levels of staff in a variety of topics such as behavior support, prevention strategies
  • Substance Use – signs and symptoms, treatment, etc
  • Syndromes – genetic variations

All books are expected to be written in a scholarly manner, using person-first, respectful language. 

Books published by NADD Press go through a peer review process prior to publication.

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