Our Recent Activities

August, 2018

Jeanne Farr participated on an IDD/MI Expert Panel on “Supporting Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Co-Occurring Serious Mental Illness (SMI) in Crisis” hosted by SAMHSA’s in Rockville, Maryland.

Rob Fletcher presented on “Intellectual Disability Co-Occurring with Mental Health Disorders: What You Need to Know” for Richland Opportunities in Sidney, Montana.

July, 2018

Rob Fletcher presented on “Effective Mental Health Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment for People with I/DD” at the Reinventing Quality Conference in Baltimore, Maryland.

June, 2018

Jeanne Farr participated on a National Workforce Summit sponsored by the AAIDD, The Arc, Evergreen, ANCOR, University of Minnesota, AUCD and NADSP in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rob Fletcher presented on “The Components of a Mental Health Assessment: The Roles of the Service Coordinator and Mental Health Clinician” at AAIDD’s Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

May, 2018

Rob Fletcher presented on “Behavioral Health Issues in Persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disability” for the Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County in Corpus Christi, Texas.

April, 2018

Rob Fletcher presented on “Interdisciplinary Team Roles in a Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment” at ANCOR’s conference in New Orleans.

Jeanne Farr attended an event in honor of World Autism Awareness Day at the United Nations. Organized by the UN Department of Public Information and in collaboration with Specialisterne. The topic was: Employment – Return on Investment.

March, 2018

Jeanne Farr met with Joe Macbeth, the Executive Director of NADSP. NADD and NADSP are discussing the possibility of collaborating on short webinars and other ways we can partner.

Jeanne Farr met with Specialisterne’s CEO Tara Cunningham. Specialisterne is an organization dedicated to facilitating employment for people on the autism spectrum. Specialisterne and NADD are discussing ways that Specialisterne can work with NADD to integrate dual diagnosis into their training curricula.

Rob Fletcher presented on “Mental Health Aspects in Persons with I/DD” for the Mental Health Association of Orange County in Middletown, NY.

Rob Fletcher, Founder of NADD, transitions from CEO to Consultant.

January, 2018

NADD welcomes Jeanne Farr, NADD’s new CEO.