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Multi-Modal Approach

Astrid Berry, NADD-DDS

Multi-Modal Approach is an important part of the first in a 6-part training series designed to assist preparation for the NADD Specialist Dual Diagnosis Certification.  This course familiarizes the participant with the bio-psycho-social approach which is the best practice standard for supporting individuals with an intellectual disability and mental illness. 

Respectful & Effective Communication in Rapport Building

Cecelia Kittell, BS, NADD DDS

Communication drives effective supports, significantly impacting the quality of life for each person with a Dual Diagnosis. In this course, Professional, Person Directed and Person-Centered communication techniques are defined and discussed as primary tools for all Dual Diagnosis Specialists.

Service Delivery and Fiduciary Responsibility

Bruce Davis, PhD

Dual Diagnosis Specialists play an important role in ensuring appropriate services for persons with co-occurring disorders.  The ability to work across systems, monitor outcomes, and arrange for appropriate services are discussed in this course.

Therapeutic Constructs

Robin VanEerden, MS, NCC, LPC, NADD-CC

It is important that people who care and work with people with a dual diagnosis can identify and have knowledge of effective trauma informed approaches. Understanding the approach and the skills that will be developed are an intricate part of being able to identify and assist in finding a provider who can deliver these types of approaches. These resources, while available, are sometimes difficult to find. A review of resources and the available modalities is discussed in this course.

Emerging Best Practices

Chad Perrin, BSW, RSW, NADD-DDS

The understanding of assessment and existing best practice is crucial for a Specialist Certification applicant.  This course focuses on helping applicants to know what the expectations are in regards to understanding assessment and best practice.

Administrative Critical Thinking

Michael Schroeder, MSW

This course reviews the elements of administrative critical thinking for people seeking certification as a NADD Specialist.