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NADD Advocacy Statement

 Family Perspective on Strengthening Relations with Law Enforcement

The Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities (JMHRID) is the official research journal of NADD, and the only professional research journal dedicated to relevant, contemporary, peer-reviewed research that focuses on topics unique to people experiencing an IDD/MI dual diagnosis and the support systems around them.  

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As the leading publication on this topic, JMHRID provides the community supporting people experiencing dual diagnoses with access to a rich database of research.  

JMHRID is published quarterly, and is a benefit of NADD membership.


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New From NADD Press

NADD has published three important new books: click below to purchase or for more information visit our New Products Page 

Accreditation & Certification

As part of our mission to raise the level of care for people with IDD/MI and provide recognition to those programs and professionals offering quality care, NADD, in association with NASDDDS, offers four interrelated programs. 

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The DM-ID-2 & Accompaniments

More than 100 experts from around the world have now updated the DM-ID to accompany the DSM-5. The DM-ID-2 was developed to facilitate an accurate psychiatric diagnosis in persons who have intellectual disabilities and to provide a thorough discussion of the issues involved in reaching an accurate diagnosis.

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