DO YOU HAVE A STORY TO TELL about living with  someone with a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI)? The Family Issues Committee is seeking papers for a book to help families and professionals better understand the challenges and ways to conquer them!

All lengths will be considered!  Confidentiality and anonymity will be respected.

Assistance and support are available — just let us know!  Click here for details.

Click here to read the NADD Position Statement on health care reform: “Including Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Co-Occurring Mental Illness: Challenges that Must Be Addressed in Health Care Reform.” To endorse the NADD Position Statement, click here.

NADD is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new, online directory of IDD/MH providers. Click here to visit the official NADD Consortium Project.

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Where’s Rob?

NADD and its CEO, Robert Fletcher, work dilligently to help bridge the systems and ensure that individuals with a dual diagnosis receive appropriate services. This work keeps Dr. Fletcher on the move. Click here.


Accreditation & Certification

“The NADD Accreditation/Certification Program is an important tool for state agencies, DD and MH, that are interested in expanding their community infrastructure to support people with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illnesses.…NCI data have consistently documented over the years that approximately 32% of all people receiving DD services have a mental illness. The NADD Accreditation/ Certification Program offers an important tool to states and providers interested in improving their efforts to serve this group of individuals.”

Charles Moseley Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director

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