Assessment and Treatment of Mental Disorders in Persons (Adult Population) with Intellectual Disability

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center will present NADD CEO Robert J. Fletcher will be presenting at a one-day training on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.  Dr. Fletcher will speak on:

  • An Introduction to Dual Diagnosis (IDD/MI)
  • Best Practices in Bio-Psycho-Social Model of ASsessment
  • Adapting Psychotherapy Practices to People with IDD
  • Inter-Systems Collaboration: The Essential Components for People with IDD/MI

Training is free to Service Areas 6 and 7 Community Mental Health Clinicians.  Contact Claudia Torres at

Report on Autism and Health

Autism Speaks has issued a very interesting 35 page report, “Autism and Health: A Special Report By Autism Speaks – Advances in Understanding and Treating the Health Conditions that Frequently Accompany Autism.”  The report addresses autism and epilepsy, autism and GI disorders, autism and disrupted sleep, autism and feeding/eating issues, autism and mental health, autism and premature death, and resources on autism and health.  To download this report, click here.

Systems Collaboration

An article, “Collaboration for People with MI/IDD: System Failures and Promising Practices,” by Robert J. Fletcher and Kayla Behn has been published in Behavioral Health NewsClick here to read this article.

Medicaid Webinar – Available On-Line

A SAMHSA sponsored webinar developed under contract by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors is now available on-line. It is called “The Pivotal Role of Medicaid in Enhancing State Services for Individuals with Intellectual/Development Disorders and Co-Occurring Behavioral Health Disorders: Advancing Collaborations between Medicaid, Mental Health and Developmental Disability Authorities.” NADD Founder and CEO, Rob Fletcher, is moderator. Click here.

MCO Provides Training in Dual Diagnosis Using NADD Train-the-Trainer Model – Click here for details. 

From DSM to DM-ID

The Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disability has published “From DSM to DM-ID” by Robert J. Fletcher, Jarrett Barnhill, Jane McCarthy, and Andre Strydom.  Click here to read this article.

New from the NADD Press

Diagnostic Manual – Intellectual Disability (DM-ID-2): A Textbook of Diagnosis of Mental Disorders in Persons with intellectual Disability – edited by Robert J. Fletcher, Jarrett Barnhill, & Sally-Ann Cooper

A Difficult Dream: Ending Institutionalization for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities with Complex Needs – edited by Dorothy M. Griffiths, Frances Owen, & Rosemary A. Condillac

What’s Going On?  How to Tell When They Can’t Tell You. A Manual for Caregivers of People with Intellectual Disability and Behavioral Issues – by Marie Hartwell-Walker

Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability: A Resource for Trainers – by Robert J. Fletcher, Daniel Baker, Juanita St Croix, & Melissa Cheplic (also, accompanying Trainee Workbook)

Breaking Down Silos: Innovation in Dual Diagnosis Systemsby Brandi Braud Kelly

The Way of the Support Workerby Kevin Alexander

Two New Trauma Videos

Two new videos, “Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Trauma” and “Safety Without Seclusion and Restraint,” have been added to the web-based, video-enhanced trauma resource tool titled “Trauma Informed Care: Perspectives and Resources,” which was originally released in 2014. To learn more, click here.

Rob’s Corner

Check out what NADD’s CEO has been doing recently.  Click here.

Find Out All About the NADD Accreditation Program

Click here to view this free webinar.

To read an article published in the NADD Bulletin about the NADD Accreditation and Certification Programs, click here.

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Relationship Between NADD and Managed Care Organizations

The relationship between managed care organizations (MCOs) and NADD involves a multi-tiered project that includes training, certification, and accreditation.  This process results in improved quality of life for individuals diagnosed with intellectual/ developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental disorders (IDD/MI). This outcome occurs due to availability of needed and cost-efficient services, and staff attaining increased knowledge and competency.  This outcome results in cost savings to the MCO based upon the provision of quality services. Click here.

Seeking Exhibitors & Sponsors for NADD 34th Annual Conference

The Exhibitor/Sponsor Brochure is now available.  Click here.

NADD Founder & CEO to Retire in October

After almost 35 years at the helm, Dr. Robert J. Fletcher, Founder and CEO of NADD, will step down as Chief Executive Officer, in October, 2017. According to Dr. Fletcher, the decision to retire was not easy to make and took over a year of inward contemplation and outward consultation with family, friends, and colleagues.

Dr. Fletcher founded NADD in 1983 because there was a need to have a platform to share clinical, programmatic, research, as well as policy issues concerning individuals who have an intellectual disability co-occurring with mental illness. He notes that  “That vision for a platform is as relevant today as it was 34 years ago. Much has been accomplished, but many challenges remain. We need to stay strong and united as we continue to promote mental wellness through the excellence of mental health care for people who have IDD.”


Now Available — DM-ID-2

The essential resource for anyone working with people who have a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI).  Click here for information about the DM-ID-2.


Seeking Articles for the NADD Bulletin

NADD seeks articles for the NADD Bulletin.  Click here.


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NADD has reduced the new individual member fee from $135 to $99.  This is a savings of more than 25% available for new NADD members.   Memberships purchased now are good until December 31, 2017.

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Online Courses

NADD and Relias Learning offer online courses with continuing education credit.  Click here for details.


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A Message from the NADD Board

The NADD Board wishes to acknowledge Dr. Fletcher for his 35 years of inspiring leadership. Dr. Fletcher’s vision has shaped NADD, and his achievements assure that NADD will continue to promote mental wellness for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Dr. Fletcher has shown us that one person can make a difference; he has improved the lives of people with disabilities. While it is true that founder transitions present a unique set of challenges, NADD is currently engaged in comprehensive Strategic Planning which will guide our search for a new Chief Executive Officer. NADD’s strong membership, central office, and Board of Directors, as well as Dr. Fletcher’s ongoing involvement with NADD, leave us well positioned to meet the challenges of the future.

Dan Baker, Ph.D., NADD-CC, President
Donna McNelis, PhD, NADD-CC, Immediate Past President

Training, Certification, & Accreditation


NADD has over thirty years experience of providing state-of-the-art training on many topics concerning services for individuals with a dual diagnosis.  This training can be tailored to the educational needs of the organization requesting the training.

Additionally, we can provide several days of training, using a train-the-trainer model. A variety of state-of-the-art clinical practices can be covered through 10 training modules. Materials available include a train-the-trainer textbook that includes a thumbdrive of all the content. Additionally a trainee workbook is available.

This training is based on Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability: A Resource for Trainers by Robert J. Fletcher, Daniel Baker, Juanita St. Croix, and Melissa Cheplic.  Click here.


NADD offers three competency based certification programs for personnel. These are 1) Clinical Certification, 2) Direct Support Professional Certification and 3) Specialist Certification (this is for case managers, service coordinators, supervisors, managers, residential and vocational staff, etc.) For information about NADD Certification Programs, click here.


Programs which include services for persons with a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI) might be eligible to apply for the NADD Accreditation. NADD accredited programs have demonstrated quality services as measured by NADD accreditation standards. For information about NADD Accreditation, click here.


As a result of NADD trainings, certifications, and/or accreditation, it is expected that we will see improved outcomes for clients who use the services. Additionally the anticipated outcome will include fewer hospitalizations, fewer emergency room visits and less need for other crisis intervention services. This should significantly reduce costs.

Inquiries about training can be made to:

Dr. Robert Fletcher, NADD Founder & CEO
Phone: (845) 331-4336