Tribute for Dr. Fletcher

On behalf of the leaders and administrators in the field of IDD and mental health, John Martin, Director of Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD), paid tribute to Dr. Robert J. Fletcher at the NADD Ohio Conference on September 25, 2017.  Click here.

Fletcher Provides Free Trainings in New Jersey

NADD Founder and CEO Robert Fletcher will provide training on “Children & Youth Who Have IDD and Mental Health Needs:  Characteristics, Assessment & Support Strategies” at two locations in New Jersey (click for details):

Bordentown, October 18
Piscataway, October 19

Study Finds Antipsychotics Are Overused in Individuals with IDD

According to a study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, more than a third of adults with IDD receive antipsychotic medication, and more than a quarter of these individuals have no documented psychiatric diagnosis.  Click here to read the Medscape article about this study. 

Clinical Certification Competency Training

Training in each of the NADD Clinical Certification competencies is now available on DVD.  Click here for details.

Trauma-Informed Toolkit

People with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD) are at significantly more risk of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and other forms of abuse and neglect than is the general population. This toolkit, by Steven Marcal, Psy.D., and Shawn Trifoso, LMSW, addresses a number of areas designed to support people with IDD who may have experienced trauma. 

Click here to download the toolkit.

From DSM to DM-ID

The Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disability has published “From DSM to DM-ID” by Robert J. Fletcher, Jarrett Barnhill, Jane McCarthy, and Andre Strydom.  Click here to read this article.


Rob’s Corner

Check out what NADD’s CEO has been doing recently.  Click here.

Find Out All About the NADD Accreditation Program

Click here to view this free webinar.

To read an article published in the NADD Bulletin about the NADD Accreditation and Certification Programs, click here.

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Webinars Feature Dual Diagnosis Specialist Competencies

The Fall NADD Webinar Series features the competencies of the NADD Dual Diagnosis Specialist Certification.  Click here for details.

NADD 34th Annual Conference

The NADD 34th Annual Conference is being held November 1-3, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Click here for information and registration.

Relationship Between NADD and Managed Care Organizations

The relationship between managed care organizations (MCOs) and NADD involves a multi-tiered project that includes training, certification, and accreditation.  Click here.


Now Available — DM-ID-2

The essential resource for anyone working with people who have a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI).  Click here for information about the DM-ID-2.

Seeking Articles for the NADD Bulletin

NADD seeks articles for the NADD Bulletin.  Click here.

NADD Membership Offer

NADD offers an introductory rate of $99 for new members.

NADD has reduced the new individual member fee from $135 to $99.  This is a savings of more than 25% available for new NADD members.   Memberships purchased now are good until December 31, 2017.

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Online Courses

NADD and Relias Learning offer online courses with continuing education credit.  Click here for details.

Help NADD While You Shop on Amazon

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At no cost to you, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to NADD.  Click here or go to and select NADD as your charity.




CEO Recruitment

The process of recruiting a new CEO for NADD is proceeding well.  NADD received more than 40 applicants for this position.  A subcommittee of the NADD Board of Directors is conducting interviews.  A decision will be made shortly. 

The new CEO will start in January 2018.


Fletcher to Stay on as Consultant

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Robert J. Fletcher has agreed to remain as a consultant to NADD.  He will continue to use his skills and knowledge to contribute to the NADD organization.  This will facilitate a smooth transition as we bring on the new CEO.  It will also enable NADD to take advantage of Dr. Fletcher’s vast expertise.

Training, Certification, & Accreditation


NADD has over thirty years experience of providing state-of-the-art training on many topics concerning services for individuals with a dual diagnosis.  This training can be tailored to the educational needs of the organization requesting the training.

Additionally, we can provide several days of training, using a train-the-trainer model. A variety of state-of-the-art clinical practices can be covered through 10 training modules. Materials available include a train-the-trainer textbook that includes a thumbdrive of all the content. Additionally a trainee workbook is available.

This training is based on Mental Health Approaches to Intellectual/Developmental Disability: A Resource for Trainers by Robert J. Fletcher, Daniel Baker, Juanita St. Croix, and Melissa Cheplic.  Click here.


NADD offers three competency based certification programs for personnel. These are 1) Clinical Certification, 2) Direct Support Professional Certification and 3) Specialist Certification (this is for case managers, service coordinators, supervisors, managers, residential and vocational staff, etc.) For information about NADD Certification Programs, click here.


Programs which include services for persons with a dual diagnosis (IDD/MI) might be eligible to apply for the NADD Accreditation. NADD accredited programs have demonstrated quality services as measured by NADD accreditation standards. For information about NADD Accreditation, click here.


As a result of NADD trainings, certifications, and/or accreditation, it is expected that we will see improved outcomes for clients who use the services. Additionally the anticipated outcome will include fewer hospitalizations, fewer emergency room visits and less need for other crisis intervention services. This should significantly reduce costs.

Inquiries about training can be made to:

Dr. Robert Fletcher, NADD Founder & CEO
Phone: (845) 331-4336